CAP Debt Help

Stressed out with debt?

We can help. There is hope. Well done for taking a really brave step and seeking help with your debts. 

  • Credit card debts?
  • Medical debts?
  • Not paying bills?
  • Student loans?
  • Mortgage difficulties?
  • Needing Bankruptcy?

No matter where you are in life, if you’re experiencing a divorce, retirement, death of a spouse, graduation, new job, new car, new house, wedding, new baby - we are here for you during these changes in life, with experience, guidance you can follow, and a path to a better life.

The service is free and we are not selling any products. Our friendly team will visit you in your own home and offer practical solutions to your debts (due to COVID, visits can be elsewhere if you prefer). CAP's services help you to overcome financial difficulties, help you make a plan to repay debt, maintain or obtain homeownership for the very first time or understand bankruptcy options. 

CAP offer financial tools and educational resources that you can use to gain confidence and success in managing your finances!

How can CAP help you?

CAP's trained AFCPE Certified Credit Counselors will put together advice and our trained workers with the AFCPE Money Management Essentials badge will guide you through our service. 

CAP offer:

  • Credit Counseling
  • Budgeting
  • Housing counseling
  • Bankruptcy counseling
  • Student loan counseling
  • Debt Management Plans (DMP)
  • Simple Money Education

Pay your bills. Build your savings. Plan for your future!

Please call 888-777-4620 to book an appointment with your local CAP Debt Center. 

  • Chicago South Suburbs CAP Debt Help Center: Call toll-free at 888-777-4620 or call CAP's local number at: 708-866-5577.
  • Chicago Western Suburbs (Naperville) CAP Debt Help Center: Call toll-free at 888-777-4620 or call CAP's local number at: 708-866-5577.
  • Tulsa CAP Debt Help Center: Call toll-free at 888-777-4620 or call CAP's local number at 918-727-2728.

What will happen when I contact CAP?

When you call our number, you’ll speak to someone from our friendly Credit Counseling Team. We will book an appointment for you and a CAP Debt Center Manager will come out to visit you in your home (during this COVID-19 season we are offering the CAP Debt Help service using telephone/video calls or socially distanced visits).

If you can gather all your paperwork together, this will make the process a lot quicker. Our Debt Center Manager will happily sort through it all, and send it digitally and securely to CAP's head office, where we’ll work out a budget and the best route out of debt for you, to see you through to financial freedom and beyond.

Does it cost anything?

No. Our service is completely free. We are able to provide a totally free service because CAP is a not for profit organization and receives donations from churches and individuals who want to help people.

Do I have to be a Christian?

Not at all, our services are for everyone. As Christians, we believe that God answers prayer, so we may offer to pray with you, but it’s up to you if you’re happy for us to do this or not. CAP helps anyone, regardless of religious beliefs, race, nationality, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.


"I'm really grateful for what CAP has done for me. They are fantastic. They provide a great service that has allowed me to focus on getting my life back on track." - James

"I had desperate thoughts because of my debts and not being able to provide for my kids. But CAP gave me hope and provided a way out. I have a home, food, power, hot water...and my kids are happy." - Natalia

What other organizations can help?

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling - Find out more by heading to their website:


The Financial Counseling Association or America - Find out more by heading to their website:


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